Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Numero 6

that super fun day, six years ago!

We celebrated our wedding anniversary! We decided to spend part of the day at Coney Island - the place where we had one of our first dates. I remember hanging out on the strip, eating at Nathans and convincing Fernando that we should get on the Cyclone. Afterwards we went to some dive bar and had a drink as we toyed with the idea of playing a game of pool.

still there, grungy but good old Astroland

This year we decided on the Stay-cation, a vacation in one of my favorite places on this planet - New York! We did go on the Cyclone - did you know that it's now $8.00 for one ride? Wow.

oooh, The Cyclone did not disappoint!

The night before we watched The Gay Divorcee with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. On New Years Eve, Turner Classics had a Ginger + Fred marathon, but we were only able to see 1/2 of a movie before we had to go out. I tried to get a Pedro Infante movie, but Netflix didn't have it available that day - drats, another day perhaps.

the best song of The Gay Divorcee - Night and Day

I cannot express how grateful I am to have such an incredible partner in life. I am so so very happy to be his wife and to share my life with Fernando. Wow. I love him for so many reasons, but on that day I especially loved him for getting on the Cyclone. Thanks baby!