Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my little india

On Sunday, my favorite art director from Martha Stewart visited Bowne. Michelle is so talented and her vision is so direct - she has an idea, draws up the storyboard and makes it become a reality. Working with Michelle was always a dream - she's the perfect combination of the Science of Sleep and salt of the earth.

Unfortunately I was dreadfully sick that day and could barely stand. Luckily, Samantha was there to pinch hit and help me from collapsing. Besides not being 100% me the day Michelle visited, I missed out on the India Festival.....damn, damn, damn.

India has been a source of inspiration for me (and I'm sure most of you) for quite some time. Not having the pleasure of visiting our beloved continent/country, most of my inspiration comes from books, movies and the music.

Zetna once gifted me the best present - a Bollywood cassette from a yellow cab driver - she begged him for it and it's still one of my prized possessions.

Last week I finally saw The Namesake - the incomparable Mira Nair's latest film. As a first generation New Yorker, I am a sucker for all stories dealing with immigration, identity, the journey "back home" and the duality of newly born Americans. The story gave me lots to mull over and digest....but as usual it was the visuals that drew me into the fascinating culture and beauty of India.

Taj Mahal - the way Mira Nair shot this wonder of the world, was so unbelievably intimate. The extreme close-ups and the interaction of people within this shrine to love was so delicious.

Rothko - the color blocked images and props were so powerful. As you know I love color blocking.

Cobalt blue, brick red, mustard yellow - what great combinations.

Charcoals - Kal Penn's character draws a rickshaw operator in charcoal and the depth of the blackness in the pencil is so powerful.

Embellishments during weddings - The women had brick red lines drawn on their feet and paisley embellishments on their faces - lovely.

Femininity - the women in the film were so beautiful and it was so empowering to see women enjoying their sexuality. Everything from their hair, to their skin and clothing enhanced them.

Strings of marigolds - an image that reminds me of Monsoon wedding. The sting of marigolds was offered to the river Ganges during a funeral and it was so pretty.

Art - the injection of art in the film from the father's watercolors, to Gogol's work to the architecture and the cards that Gogol's mother hand makes for the holidays. It reminded me that no matter how large or small art is, it is powerful.

PS...I think I will finally go to India with Lynda & Jeff. I am so excited.