Thursday, January 17, 2008

eames stamps!

By now I'm sure you know all about it.

What, you haven't heard? My favorite government office, the beloved USPS is issuing a panel of Eames stamps in 2008. I knew it was going to be a good year!

For those of us who are absolutely gaga over mailing letters, cards and random ephemera - bad stamps cramp your style. I try to head over to my local post office when I'm sure there won't be a long line and then I badger the hell out of the doe-eyed postal employees. "Show me your stamps!" Well, it goes something like that.

Imagine my dismay when I went looking for fabulous stamps to mail out my Bonne Année cards. I got stuck with these lame ass "Celebrate" stamps. Oh well, at least they matched the palette of my envelopes.

I first read about it on Apartment Therapy, but I have to say that I do check the site every two months to see what they're offering. I still have some fabulous Sugar Ray Robinson stamps and maybe one or two of the Masters of American Photography stamps. I think I might even have a couple of Isamu Noguchi stamps. Wow I'm a hoarder.

Do you remember any of these? What are your favorite stamps?

(PS - The USPS is also releasing a set of stamps celebrating vintage African American cinema. Woo hoo!)

a very quick PSA

You know what a PSA is...

Remember the episode of America's Next Top Model when Furonda gets that chance to film one and she shouts out "A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT?!"

Okay, well maybe it's not on your top five television memories.

Anyhoo, today I took my dog to the Von King park (we recently moved to Do or Die Bed-Stuy). We were almost immediately cornered by the CUTEST dog ever. She looked like a fox and desperately wanted to play with Uma (note: Uma's in the winter of her life and doesn't always want to play with youngins).

The dog was relentless.

So was Uma.

I had to get Uma home - she was stressed out and tired. I made sure that the fox/dog wasn't following us out of the park and bobbed and weaved for a block or so. Oh, in the park I called the only dog owner I really know (read: I have her phone number) to ask if she knew the cute fox/dog.

Very drawn out story - being cut short: I ran back to the park (12 blocks) with a leash and a bagel to bring the little critter home until I found the owner.

The dog was gone!

Meanwhile the dog owner I know said she knew who the dog belonged to - crap!
I searched for the dog, solicited the park workers to help me look and asked them to please hold on to the dog if they found her. Defeated, I dragged my butt home.

The moral of this story: PLEASE PUT A NAME TAG ON YOUR DOG! A phone number..something. If there had been a tag there would be a happier ending to this story.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

is it wrong to love an inanimate object?

Don't get me wrong, I love organic beings (my husband, my family, all my girlfriends and my pooch), but damnit I've fallen in love with a stool. Not just any stool...

Ladies and gents, introducing the Benjamin.

Yes she is a pretty girl, isn't she. Crap must remember that the stool is inanimate. In all fairness, this absolutely versatile piece of furniture makes me oh so happy!

In my bedroom, I have one Benjamin next to the bed. Until we purchase real end tables she'll do, oh yes, she'll do (is it odd that I've given the stool a female identity?). Right now, I'm writing this post from the other Benjamin. See, this is the absolute genius of this piece - it's a table, a tray, a stool and a seat. And to top it off, it's simply gorgeous.'s also $19.99. Thanks Ikea.

There are a few other Ikea items that are complete genius:

this sweet dining table and chairs (secret: they're very comfortable).

adding one of these right by your kitchen sink will transport you to a Portuguese cucina. And the colors are so chic.

Obviously there are those that have uncovered Ikea's carbon copy roots:

courtesy of Apartment Therapy - Hans Olsen vs. Ikea

But despite this, I still heart Ikea.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

welcome to my world...

Happy Twenty O-Eight! Or so the card reads..

It feels so good to be back online and alive and feeling good! Everyone I speak with has only the best things to say about this 2008 and I must concur. Do you get the feeling that the everything is going to be golden this year? I definitely do.

You can order these fantastic Bonne Annee 2008 cards while they're in stock from my Etsy shop:

They make the best gift (each is its own handmade piece of art) for someone Santa missed. Or you can just send a few sweet words to your loved ones.