Thursday, January 17, 2008

eames stamps!

By now I'm sure you know all about it.

What, you haven't heard? My favorite government office, the beloved USPS is issuing a panel of Eames stamps in 2008. I knew it was going to be a good year!

For those of us who are absolutely gaga over mailing letters, cards and random ephemera - bad stamps cramp your style. I try to head over to my local post office when I'm sure there won't be a long line and then I badger the hell out of the doe-eyed postal employees. "Show me your stamps!" Well, it goes something like that.

Imagine my dismay when I went looking for fabulous stamps to mail out my Bonne Année cards. I got stuck with these lame ass "Celebrate" stamps. Oh well, at least they matched the palette of my envelopes.

I first read about it on Apartment Therapy, but I have to say that I do check the site every two months to see what they're offering. I still have some fabulous Sugar Ray Robinson stamps and maybe one or two of the Masters of American Photography stamps. I think I might even have a couple of Isamu Noguchi stamps. Wow I'm a hoarder.

Do you remember any of these? What are your favorite stamps?

(PS - The USPS is also releasing a set of stamps celebrating vintage African American cinema. Woo hoo!)

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