Wednesday, January 9, 2008

is it wrong to love an inanimate object?

Don't get me wrong, I love organic beings (my husband, my family, all my girlfriends and my pooch), but damnit I've fallen in love with a stool. Not just any stool...

Ladies and gents, introducing the Benjamin.

Yes she is a pretty girl, isn't she. Crap must remember that the stool is inanimate. In all fairness, this absolutely versatile piece of furniture makes me oh so happy!

In my bedroom, I have one Benjamin next to the bed. Until we purchase real end tables she'll do, oh yes, she'll do (is it odd that I've given the stool a female identity?). Right now, I'm writing this post from the other Benjamin. See, this is the absolute genius of this piece - it's a table, a tray, a stool and a seat. And to top it off, it's simply gorgeous.'s also $19.99. Thanks Ikea.

There are a few other Ikea items that are complete genius:

this sweet dining table and chairs (secret: they're very comfortable).

adding one of these right by your kitchen sink will transport you to a Portuguese cucina. And the colors are so chic.

Obviously there are those that have uncovered Ikea's carbon copy roots:

courtesy of Apartment Therapy - Hans Olsen vs. Ikea

But despite this, I still heart Ikea.

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