Monday, March 31, 2008

Chocolate Luxe your name is Debauve et Gallais

We are very lucky in New York. There are so many fabulous places to shop and always something new to see.

Today I visited Debauve et Gallais, a chocolatier that I've been crushing on for quite some time. Normally, I do not count the Upper East Side as part of my stomping grounds, but today was an exception (besides, I usually find one or two fantastic places when I'm up there...hello Lady M?).

Le Livre, book of chocolate for $550.00

Debauve et Gallais, je t'aime! 

Darlings, this is luxury. I'm working with my friend Barbara and just had to go buy some chocolate for a shoot. If you get the chance, walk swiftly to the shop - I believe it's the only location in North America. 20 E. 69th Street - right off Madison Avenue.

Monsieur Debauve, a pharmacist, opened his first shop in 1800 and quickly became the chocolatier to French royalty. Didn't you know chocolate has therapeutic qualities? Debauve's nephew is the Gallais. Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Phillipe were served chocolate from the famous house of Debauve et Gallais. And for a few euros (or quite a few dollars), you can indulge in their chocolate. 

When you buy them, savor the experience - everyone was quite lovely in the boutique. Best of all? The packaging. Gray and deep blue and the most fantastic bag I've ever seen. Darling, this is the height of luxury!

Introduced by the royal family chemist, Monsieur Debauve, these chocolate 'coins' were initially made for Queen Marie Antoinette, "in order to ease her distaste in taking medicine," Monsieur Debauve had no problem getting her to eat these. $200.00 for 1 lb.  

PS - Piggy Bank survival tip  - You can also buy a small box of bonbons for $48.00


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Coming Out Of Retirement

I'm coming out! I haven't styled for months (well with the exception of assisting a friend on a Family Circle shoot on Tuesday). It's been ages, darling simply ages!

Well, after spending almost all of last year freelancing at Martha Stewart, this year has been devoted to my business. What gives, you ask? Our friend, the beloved Julie LaMendola from Ching Chong Song is heading off with her band to tour Europe. So, I'll be helping my close friend and ├╝ber-talented stylist Barbara.

I'm excited to scavenger for props and to work with Barb and her cohorts again (she works with some amazing photographers). My business will be still active - I'm still volunteering, creating and taking custom orders. Keep you updated!

Friday, March 28, 2008


In the 4th grade I had a boy "friend" named Corey. He was a cutie pie, but what I remember most was his penmanship. Corey's handwriting slanted to the left. I thought it was fantastic. Sometimes, when I want to switch it up, I mimic his unusual style. 

The love for penmanship (and recently fonts) is in my DNA. Both of my parents have beautiful and unique handwriting. My mother's is more traditional. My father's hand is ornate and unlike any I've ever seen; copying his signature on report cards was never an option. My sister studied calligraphy and always writes out something on her promotional DJ cds.

Today fonts have become your signature. To some, they could care less if they're writing in Times New Roman or Courier. I am partial to Futura, but often change my font, depending on my mood. 

Last weekend, I met with my brother-in-law and his sweetheart. I am designing their wedding invitations. We spent hours carefully scanning the pages of my Wedding Library - I have almost every issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and quite a few bridal books. They want a traditional invitation all in script. Though I lean towards a more modern aesthetic, I love a design challenge. 

I remembered that Oh Joy posted about Grace's (from Design*Sponge) favorite new fonts and decided to google the post. Here's what I found:

a link to a link of an Argentine foundry/graphic design house. Look at how fabulous some of these are!
also for the ornate part of the invitations : 

What are your favorite fonts?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello Friend-o

These are the new designs from Baba's 2nd. We're saying Hola or Hello to Spring. You can say the same to your friends. I've brought back the egg chair. I've been working on some new designs. Working like a crazy lady - looking at designs, reading up about mid - century furniture and scouring magazines and websites. Heck, I spent a few hours at our local library.

Lovely fixtures.

The next set of designs will be divided into a few categories - more sillas and mesas (or chairs and tables), ladies and men of the recession and bodas (or weddings). I've been quite inspired by a few of my favorite blogs.

The weddings designs have been in the works for quite some time. I seriously love the idea of creating something beautiful for couples who are vowing to spend their lives together. The blog something old, something new also helps by unearthing really good bridal options.

image courtesy of something old, something new. amazing dress find on the blog. doesn't this make you want to go to a party?!

For the ladies and men of the recession series, I was inspired by all the recent shenanigans in the financial world. Today's Brian Lehrer show was quite a d-o-w-n-e-r. Thirty thousand people working on Wall Street have lost their jobs since 2006. Ugggh. On the bright side, one of my friends made it on the airways of the Brian Lehrer show and divulged a news tidbit that was lost in translation due to the Elliot Spitzer sex scandal. If you want to hear it, it's the March 14th call in - check WNYC (our NPR station).

Anyway, the blog The Sophisticate's Diary was a real find. even better is their Vintage Scans blog. Of course that was a link from Kathy at 16Sparrows.

images courtesy of the genius at The Sophisticate's Diary.

So, lots of exciting blogs, new designs and gorgeous stuff. Oh did I mention that my best friend had her beautiful baby boy last week. She is so freaking fabulous and he is simply a doll! Welcome to our planet Kai!

Well, mi esposo and I saw a few good films. Gracias Netflix and Turner Classic Movies. First up was Night Nurse, a pre-Code Hollywood film from 1931 starring Barbara Stanwyck and Clark Gable (as a really nefarious asshole chauffeur). It's a bit racy (before the censors got a hold of Hollywood) and there's some really good slang.

Last night we finally saw No Country for Old Men. Why, it was fantastic! Violent? Yes. So, hello friend-o to you. It's so good to catch up with the times.

Anton Chigurh (or Javier Bardem)

Well, signing off to spend a little time with my hubby and puppy. Nighty night.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

happy days are here again...

**(see bottom of entry for details)

So much has happened over the past week. I've been spending a lot of time with my best friend - who's about to have a little bambino. I came home one day and my sweet, sweet husband had installed these fantastic shelves (the "Lack" for all you Ikeaheads out there)and hooks in our bedroom. To top it off he arranged all my shoes and handbags on said shelves and hooks. It's so great having an incredible husband. Really really great.

I was inspired to create a few new items and will be updating the etsy shop this weekend. I've been a bit financially strapped and my friend Miss Felicia is having a birthday this week, so I decided to make all her presents - hence the new items. Very Felicia inspired.

I finally figured out all the Etsy ins and outs - well at least one of them and we now have 18 people who HEART OUR SHOP! Mind you, most people have like 200 hearts, but what the hay, I'm so thrilled to have people like what we do!

To top it off two incredible things have happened recently- unfortunately it's too early to discuss, but let's just say I have a super amazing new creative outlet (quelle opportunity!!!) and I just got good news from another of my best friends.

Things have just been really good.

I was perusing the last entry of Orangette and through one of her links, was reminded of my beloved Radio David Byrne show. Funny...I'd been thinking about listening for a few months. And guess what? This month the theme is JAZZ!

And not Kenny G true David Byrne style the tracks are the creme de la creme. And the playlist is filled with my beloved Thelonious Monk (he also went to Stuyvesant High School). Take a peek and listen online - you'll love it.

And while you're feeling inspired , here's a little tasty morsel - Maurice Brown (ridiculously talented young jazz trumpeter) is playing on March 15th at Symphony Space - 7:30PM.

If you're in the NY area and like or love jazz, please do yourself the favor and go see Maurice play. Whatever the cost - you will feel like you didn't pay enough for the tickets. He is on his way to being a living legend.

Anyway, I am excited to show you the new lovely things I'm working on and fill you in on the surprises.

Till later - love, Fela.

**Amor card by Baba's Second Design. Outside reads: "thinking of you..." Inside reads: "makes me happy!" available on our Etsy shop or our website