Thursday, March 6, 2008

happy days are here again...

**(see bottom of entry for details)

So much has happened over the past week. I've been spending a lot of time with my best friend - who's about to have a little bambino. I came home one day and my sweet, sweet husband had installed these fantastic shelves (the "Lack" for all you Ikeaheads out there)and hooks in our bedroom. To top it off he arranged all my shoes and handbags on said shelves and hooks. It's so great having an incredible husband. Really really great.

I was inspired to create a few new items and will be updating the etsy shop this weekend. I've been a bit financially strapped and my friend Miss Felicia is having a birthday this week, so I decided to make all her presents - hence the new items. Very Felicia inspired.

I finally figured out all the Etsy ins and outs - well at least one of them and we now have 18 people who HEART OUR SHOP! Mind you, most people have like 200 hearts, but what the hay, I'm so thrilled to have people like what we do!

To top it off two incredible things have happened recently- unfortunately it's too early to discuss, but let's just say I have a super amazing new creative outlet (quelle opportunity!!!) and I just got good news from another of my best friends.

Things have just been really good.

I was perusing the last entry of Orangette and through one of her links, was reminded of my beloved Radio David Byrne show. Funny...I'd been thinking about listening for a few months. And guess what? This month the theme is JAZZ!

And not Kenny G true David Byrne style the tracks are the creme de la creme. And the playlist is filled with my beloved Thelonious Monk (he also went to Stuyvesant High School). Take a peek and listen online - you'll love it.

And while you're feeling inspired , here's a little tasty morsel - Maurice Brown (ridiculously talented young jazz trumpeter) is playing on March 15th at Symphony Space - 7:30PM.

If you're in the NY area and like or love jazz, please do yourself the favor and go see Maurice play. Whatever the cost - you will feel like you didn't pay enough for the tickets. He is on his way to being a living legend.

Anyway, I am excited to show you the new lovely things I'm working on and fill you in on the surprises.

Till later - love, Fela.

**Amor card by Baba's Second Design. Outside reads: "thinking of you..." Inside reads: "makes me happy!" available on our Etsy shop or our website

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