Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ode To Uma

Uma Cortes 1995-2008

On Monday, 10 November 2008, after 13.5 years, we lost our great companion and friend, Uma. Some souls seem to transcend species and Uma was definitely one.

I met Uma in 1995, when she was just a few months old. I was working on the film "Let It Be Me" and one of the editors, Carol asked if anyone could adopt a dog - one of her friends found a dog in Central Park as a puppy and couldn't take care of her anymore.

That was our Uma.

She didn't get the name Uma until she moved in with us in Soho and our roommate Diana named her after the star of "Pulp Fiction". Tara and I didn't care about the name, we just loved her.

Uma loving the snow

I never had a dog and I didn't know how close you could become with another being. We understood each other; after years of adventures and interacting we knew each other so well. Uma was a great defender, a gentle and kind soul (she was so tender with children and babies, even during her rambunctious years), so very funny and absolutely graceful. Her long, white eyelashes were so beautiful. Her black ears stood at attention when she was alert or excited. What a beauty.

Beautiful long eyelashes


Moving to Brooklyn was interesting for both of us. We'd never been able to play off-leash, unless she was in the Hamptons. Fort Greene and Prospect parks allowed us to run around, have fun and provided us with the most stunning backdrop for our lives .

Uma in Fort Greene Park

Without Uma I would have never met Fernando. Walking to the park each day we passed the lovely cafe where he worked. I remember the first time he met Uma, he'd made a smoothie for me and she got so excited that she knocked it out of my hand and all over the sidewalk. She loved Fernando immediately - and she was the best judge of character.

I am so grateful that we became a family.

On our way to celebrate Fernando + my wedding anniversary in PA

Sweet pumpkin

Uma loved the beach and with much happiness, Fernando and I were able to take her back to Montauk two weekends ago. She walked in the grass again.

Happy in the grass

Fernando carried her down all the way down to the sand and we all sat there watching the waves come in.

A young lab and a couple followed us and they made their way to the log where we'd run around and giddily posed for photos three years ago. We watched them. We made sure Uma was comfortable.

Fernando and Uma

On the way back, we stopped to see our family and they each gave Uma their love. Her tail couldn't wag anymore but she was happy.

I am so honored to have known Uma and to have spent over 13 years by her side. I will always love her. She will always be a part of us.

Uma & Barbara - I miss them both.