Monday, March 31, 2008

Chocolate Luxe your name is Debauve et Gallais

We are very lucky in New York. There are so many fabulous places to shop and always something new to see.

Today I visited Debauve et Gallais, a chocolatier that I've been crushing on for quite some time. Normally, I do not count the Upper East Side as part of my stomping grounds, but today was an exception (besides, I usually find one or two fantastic places when I'm up there...hello Lady M?).

Le Livre, book of chocolate for $550.00

Debauve et Gallais, je t'aime! 

Darlings, this is luxury. I'm working with my friend Barbara and just had to go buy some chocolate for a shoot. If you get the chance, walk swiftly to the shop - I believe it's the only location in North America. 20 E. 69th Street - right off Madison Avenue.

Monsieur Debauve, a pharmacist, opened his first shop in 1800 and quickly became the chocolatier to French royalty. Didn't you know chocolate has therapeutic qualities? Debauve's nephew is the Gallais. Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Phillipe were served chocolate from the famous house of Debauve et Gallais. And for a few euros (or quite a few dollars), you can indulge in their chocolate. 

When you buy them, savor the experience - everyone was quite lovely in the boutique. Best of all? The packaging. Gray and deep blue and the most fantastic bag I've ever seen. Darling, this is the height of luxury!

Introduced by the royal family chemist, Monsieur Debauve, these chocolate 'coins' were initially made for Queen Marie Antoinette, "in order to ease her distaste in taking medicine," Monsieur Debauve had no problem getting her to eat these. $200.00 for 1 lb.  

PS - Piggy Bank survival tip  - You can also buy a small box of bonbons for $48.00


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