Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Art Tuesday - Diebenkorn on the Park

Yesterday evening as four of us gals were zipping through the Village in our friend's TD300, we passed Washington Square Park. Lynda, an amazing artist/human/friend pointed down the park and told us to check out the Diebenkorn exhibit at the Grey Gallery. 


Richard Diebenkorn, the late and great American painter that's who! Lynda loves his work and I see why. His earlier works remind me of a bossa nova track - beautiful in composition and quite accessible. 

Ingleside, 1963

The "Ocean Park" series (1967 - 1978) is his best known. Abstract and sophisticated, Mr. Diebenkorn's works are rife with his "trademark mysterious transparencies."

Ocean Park No. 54, 1972

Ocean Park No. 116, 1979

Born in Portland, Oregon and raised in San Francisco, Mr. Diebenkorn was culturally educated by his grandmother, a retired Civil Rights lawyer. An alum of Stanford, most of his life was spent in California - the subject of many of his works. The exhibition at Grey Gallery focuses on Mr. Diebenkorn's time in New Mexico and the Southwest; the experience that fostered the artist's exploration of the abstract.

Untitled (Alburquerque), 1952

Diebenkorn in New Mexico on view through Saturday, 5 April 2008 at the Grey Art Gallery in NYU (100 Washington Square East NYC 10003). 


Susie said...

Oh my God! I love Richard Diebenkorn's work! Back in the late 70's when i was an art student at the U of Arizona, I was shown a magazine clipping of Diebenkorn's modern work. My painting instructor gave me the clipping because he was impressed as to how my style was so similar to Diebenkorn's and I had no idea who that artist was. So, thanks for the memories! I have plenty of paintings around my home and some in relatives, friend's and co-worker's homes as well. cool stuff! Thanks!
Susie Davis

baba's second design said...

Susie, I love connections like that, I'm glad that it brought back memories - my friend Lynda turned me on to Richard Diebenkorn. I really like the freehand blue note card you have on your blog (you did that in grade school?! amazing).