Tuesday, April 8, 2008

...sometimes you need to slow down and do something else

I've spent over 110 minutes on hold today, had five conversations with my webhost (4 with billing/customer service and 1 with tech support), spent a few minutes having a meltdown and 9 minutes on Verizon's site troubleshooting our phone service and realized that I am not receiving ANY business emails from my server. Some days you're not supposed to do certain things.

On the very bright side, I'm working on three cards that are so lovely! They are for submission to a project on handmade cards. In spite of all the small business woes, I am happy. Get this - two turtle doves were eating from our birdhouse outside my office window. CUTE!!! Next time, I'll have the camera on hand.

Well, when life is overwhelming (or underwhelming), make something lovely. Here are some inspiring DIY projects:

An amazing hand stitched quilt that you can make yourself

image courtesy of the Purl Bee 

Repurposed Security Envelopes

images courtesy of Design*Sponge

Reuse those envelopes your bills come in or finally use that 
box of #10 security envelopes you have sitting around the office.

Shoe Rack Attack

image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Shoes off the floor? I like the sound of that one. Of course you could paint the rack a nice shade and change out the hooks if you're feeling particularly randy. 

Alicia Paulson's embroidered dishtowels. This one comes with a freebie pattern. She asks that her images not be used, but you can CLICK HERE to see the pictures and the pattern. Yay for the Rosy Little Things blog. 

So have some fun and take a freakin' break!

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