Friday, April 25, 2008

Heading to the F.L.

I'm heading down to see my grandparents in Florida - Grandma is in the hospital, so everyone is rallying and meeting down there.

Sorry for the absence, but Tax Day took a lot out of us, but we completed them (whew)! Oh and really good news - I submitted several card designs for a book that's coming out on handmade greeting cards. Guess what? They accepted 5 of my designs! I sent the hard copies to the publishers last week. I'll definitely let you know when the book comes out (I figure a year or so).

This week I sent out a few items from the Etsy shop:

Letterpressed envelopes by Robert Warner

I love this wasp

I also sent out my first letter to my fellow Letter Writers Alliance member:
Robert helped me make these envelopes, aren't they sweet?

Hey, have I introduced you to the latest addition to the Baba's 2nd family? Her name is Little Elly and she's gorgeous!

Here's an example of how great our friends are:
Our good friend, Julie is such a connector - she overheard another friend (Elly) talking about her letterpress. Elly wanted to find a new home for her little Kelsey press and Julie mentioned that I'd be interested. Oh Julie!!! You are great! My sweet husband gave me a lift to Elly's storage space and helped me bring the press down to the letterpress shop. The ridiculously prolific and amazing Robert Warner is helping me restore Little Elly (he even suggested that we paint pinstripes on her - swanky).

I expect good things will come from our studio in the next few weeks. Til I'm back from Florida - enjoy yourselves.

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