Friday, March 28, 2008


In the 4th grade I had a boy "friend" named Corey. He was a cutie pie, but what I remember most was his penmanship. Corey's handwriting slanted to the left. I thought it was fantastic. Sometimes, when I want to switch it up, I mimic his unusual style. 

The love for penmanship (and recently fonts) is in my DNA. Both of my parents have beautiful and unique handwriting. My mother's is more traditional. My father's hand is ornate and unlike any I've ever seen; copying his signature on report cards was never an option. My sister studied calligraphy and always writes out something on her promotional DJ cds.

Today fonts have become your signature. To some, they could care less if they're writing in Times New Roman or Courier. I am partial to Futura, but often change my font, depending on my mood. 

Last weekend, I met with my brother-in-law and his sweetheart. I am designing their wedding invitations. We spent hours carefully scanning the pages of my Wedding Library - I have almost every issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and quite a few bridal books. They want a traditional invitation all in script. Though I lean towards a more modern aesthetic, I love a design challenge. 

I remembered that Oh Joy posted about Grace's (from Design*Sponge) favorite new fonts and decided to google the post. Here's what I found:

a link to a link of an Argentine foundry/graphic design house. Look at how fabulous some of these are!
also for the ornate part of the invitations : 

What are your favorite fonts?

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