Monday, February 25, 2008

gifts, gifts, gifts - or ways to distract from web drama

I am trying to be relaxed, people. I've racked up countless HOURS on the phone with our web host. I'm trying to install my SSL certificate so you can shop on our site safely. It's been 3 days (not including Sat + Sun). Aaaaargh!

To distract myself from these annoying issues (being a small business owner is amazing though), I'm thinking about gifts. I loooooove giving presents. When I was rolling in the dough ($$) I gave some pretty amazing gifts. Now that I'm a bit more...financially challenged, I've had to cut back. I do predict some $$ rewards for my work, so I'm preparing myself for the windfall.

Besides, what makes you feel better than giving someone you love a really nice present?

What I like to bring to brunch:

Sparkling Sake tickles the tongue and is a party in your mouth.

A fabulous cocktail hat for a Spring gift - how chic is this (can't you imagine Marion Cotillard rocking this little treat):

from the ridiculously talented Kelly Christy (ladies she also handmakes the most heavenly veils) this would be gorgeous on your best friend.

The best way to carry business cards:

**Lauren Merkin's leather card holder. It also comes in patent leather!

Remember, it's still winter out there:

**Lisa B's super soft contrast toe wool socks.

Cute, cute, cute:

Shinzi Katoh's bag. Oh he makes the cutest things. Luckily they're available Stateside at

For that handsome esposo or novio:

also from Kelly Christy. This hat is so freakin dope. Oh and each hat is made by hand - yup blocked by hand and everything. Genius!

**= These gift ideas are from the ultimate gift-giver, our friend Zetna. If she isn't your friend, I'm so sorry, because she knows how to give a gift.

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