Sunday, February 24, 2008

pre-spring office cleanup - or searching for a new curtain..

Spring definitely has not sprung. I knew that freakin groundhog from Staten Island was bullshitting.

Anyway, in NY we finally had a big snowstorm. Six inches in Brooklyn. It was beautiful. The streets were quiet, there were almost no cars on the roads. Uma and I strolled in the middle of our street and savored the solitude.

FYI, I was in the Upper East Side yesterday -the city had wiped all traces of ice and snow from the streets. I wonder if someone could do a survey matching the amount of time it takes to clean up after a storm to the city's zip codes (hmmm, do you think wealth has anything to do with an expeditious removal of snow?).
Now that things are back to normal I'm getting a headstart on sprucing up our studio.

We need a new curtain. We have two fantastic windows in our little studio. One is huge - 84" high. It is covered with the most lovely John Robshaw curtain with a small floral /bird repeat. Very discreet and lovely. The other is a mere 54" and has become the forgotten one - it's haphazardly masked with a bronze silk shantung remnant.

I am totally inspired by really cool work spaces. Now that we finally have a studio, we need to make it look really good.

Here are my favorite fabric choices, I have to show them to my cousin:

My favorite, but out of my price range this month...

Love these though!

from purlsoho this alexander henry print

from purlsoho the etsuko furuya wasp

from superbuzzy this is so cool.

from purlsoho this grid pattern

from purlsoho this kimono fabric

Wish these came in a different colorway
from purlsoho (sure you know this one) etsuko furuya ladybug print

from repro depot this etsuko furuya - too neon.

What do you think?

PS - The groundhog Chuck is actually very cute if not accurate.

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