Monday, February 18, 2008

now that's luxury

One lesson learned during my four years at my small and very wealthy liberal arts college: wealth is relative.

I’d never seen such casual displays of wealth in my life. Growing up in New York City, I was used to witnessing people desperate to prove how rich they were, flaunting their designer wares and trying to outshine each other.

In college, the sons and daughters of this planet’s wealthy wore Birkenstocks, ate in the dining halls and trudged through the soaked earth during mud season.

What defines wealth? Who is truly rich? How rich are you in comparison to your neighbor? Does it really freaking matter?

There will always be someone with more money, a nicer car and a larger stable of horses. Should it matter to you? I don’t think so.

Without trying to outshine each other, we can concentrate on our own merits, how we can fulfill our personal destinies and have the best time on this planet – while we’re here.

One thing that cannot be denied: this is really luxurious. Thumbing through Wallpaper’s 2008 Design Awards issue, I noticed this:

No denying it my friends. Cashmere Carpet?!

That’s luxury darling. And those giant sized leather dominoes aren’t too shabby either (unfortunately you can’t slam your domino down and hear that satisfying “clink” when you come up with a brilliant move, but hey this is the height of luxury).

Cashmere carpet by Loro Piana - price 1,180 euros per square metre. Photo courtesy of Wallpaper February 2008.

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