Thursday, January 17, 2008

a very quick PSA

You know what a PSA is...

Remember the episode of America's Next Top Model when Furonda gets that chance to film one and she shouts out "A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT?!"

Okay, well maybe it's not on your top five television memories.

Anyhoo, today I took my dog to the Von King park (we recently moved to Do or Die Bed-Stuy). We were almost immediately cornered by the CUTEST dog ever. She looked like a fox and desperately wanted to play with Uma (note: Uma's in the winter of her life and doesn't always want to play with youngins).

The dog was relentless.

So was Uma.

I had to get Uma home - she was stressed out and tired. I made sure that the fox/dog wasn't following us out of the park and bobbed and weaved for a block or so. Oh, in the park I called the only dog owner I really know (read: I have her phone number) to ask if she knew the cute fox/dog.

Very drawn out story - being cut short: I ran back to the park (12 blocks) with a leash and a bagel to bring the little critter home until I found the owner.

The dog was gone!

Meanwhile the dog owner I know said she knew who the dog belonged to - crap!
I searched for the dog, solicited the park workers to help me look and asked them to please hold on to the dog if they found her. Defeated, I dragged my butt home.

The moral of this story: PLEASE PUT A NAME TAG ON YOUR DOG! A phone number..something. If there had been a tag there would be a happier ending to this story.

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