Saturday, September 27, 2008

a funny thing happened at the co-op

the past two days I've been spotting celebrities. No not those over the top, botoxed celebs from TMZ, but the great artistic ones that you secretly want to be friends with.

Yesterday evening, Robert and I were headed to the Center for Book Arts to see the documentary Barbara Henry (former curator and master printer at Bowne for 22 years) put together about the English printers and publishers Whittington Press. The show was really good, but more on that later....

Walking down 28th Street, past the old PropHAUS and through the flower district we smelled the tell tale signs of craft service. Yummy grilled meats and such. Normally I (like most New Yorkers) find production annoying at best (unless one of my friends is involved). Well, I looked to our left and there was sweet America Ferrara shooting an episode of Ugly Betty. She was lovely and little and it made us both smile.

Today my husband and I were at the Food Co-op doing our monthly workshift and who should come into the office asking for assistance? Miho Hatori! The apple sweet vocalist who sings one of my favorite songs "OCEAN IN YOUR EYES" from the Y Tu Mama Tambien soundtrack. You may know Miss Hatori as 1/2 of the talented duo Cibo Matto (Barbara really liked them), but I am more familiar with her collaboration with Smokey Hormel - Smokey & Miho.

I was so excited to meet her and I told her that she was one of my favorite singers - she seemed so pleased and surprised. She too was lovely and incredibly gracious. I am loving seeing my favorite celebs. Now if I could only conjure up Craig Daniels for Laura.

Be inspired my friends. Enjoy the music you love.......

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