Wednesday, September 24, 2008

on the flight to santa barbara

Are all amazing things named Barbara??

Besides my amazing friend who passed away, I just found another really sweet Barbara - that paradise city Santa Barbara. One of my "bestest buddies" Toni was getting married so my husband and I headed west and boy was it fantastic!

But before I mention the unbelievably beautiful wedding, I have to share with you what I read on the flight to LAX.

Of course I had to buy Paper magazine after seeing that Lily Allen was on the cover

....but to my surprise, when I perused the issue I saw the best fashion story I've seen in AGES.

To top it off, I realize that it's our friend Jon Shireman - talented photographer, Apple genius and friend of Barbara's too. I absolutely love this story - it's inspiring.

What's inspiring you?

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Sun Follower said...

Firstly - THIS BLOG is inspiring! Secondly...I am inspired by autumn... I love autumn.

P.S. I love SB too!