Monday, May 12, 2008

just another letterpressin' day

Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum

Little Elly still does not have rollers. I priced some and they are $75 each - ouch! Well, at least I ordered her manual - that'll be great bedtime reading.

Cinco de Mayo was last week (as well as the birthday of one of my best friends - Toni). In case you need to brush up on Mexican history in 30 seconds - Cinco de Mayo is the day to commemorate the Mexican - French battle. May 5, 1862, 400 indigenous Mexicans fought against 600 well armed French soldiers in Puebla, Mexico. The 400 were victorious and today we continue to celebrate their courage.

My husband and I went to Brown Betty Cafe in Clinton Hill for an impromptu Cinco de Mayo party. Luckily for us, when Cynthia (the chef/owner) "throws" something together it is exquisite!!

from left to right
codfish fritters with habaneros, a vegetarian tostada,
plantain balls stuffed with cheese and chiptole-mango wings.

The company was equally delightful - we met the best people and had so much fun. Too bad Brown Betty doesn't have a dance floor - Cynthia's mix of music was sooo good (cumbia to rancheras).

Last weekend I was given a fantastic collage challenge. The prolific and all around amazing Robert Warner helped me understand layering/patterns and collage. The best part of the challenge was getting to work with the best ingredients. Ephemera from the 1940s, little letterpressed shapes, pictures of dogs and vintage wallpaper. A few items are for sale in the Etsy shop. The run is very limited though. In June I'll mail the Collage Art Cards to the BABAS2ND subscription participants. Here are some of the images - the rest are on our Flickr page.

I loved this exercise. Now I know how my good friend Lynda feels when she creates a new piece of art or a mask in her studio. Content.

Finally, my sister is in town!!!!! Woo hoo! She spent the night on Friday and the three of us had a sparkling rose that was so good from Olivino (our local wine shop). On Saturday we went to the Brooklyn Museum to see one of her favorite artists, Takashi Murakami. Last year was the first time I'd seen his work and this was such an massive show. I was definitely inspired by his use of metallics and the sense of scale. I plan on creating some new art cards very soon.

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