Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The National Stationery Show!

It was my first time attending the National Stationery Show. Normally I would've attended under our company name, Babas2nd Design, but I was invited to represent Bowne & Co. I spoke with my friend Felicia and she asked "What are you wearing, because I know you've planned it out." It was like the first day of school for me - a formal introduction to the world of stationery.

The booths were incredibly designed and well thought out. I'm not sure if the companies hired designers or just let their imaginations run wild. My favorite flooring was in the Fugu Fugu booth, a leather rug, which felt fantastic after walking through the show.
photo courtesy fugufugupress.blogspot.com

We met in the cafeteria for lunch; Robert's friend Mary brought along an extra sandwich (perfect since I didn't have time to make lunch). Delicious Italian tuna with curry and micro greens on multi grain bread - yum!! I also met Jennifer, a very kind woman who also loves letterpress and book binding. She volunteers at Bowne & Co.

A few days before the show Robert and I assembled gifts for the exhibitors at the show. He printed a poem, a lovely notecard with an image of the Brooklyn Bridge (125 years old, this year) and lots of other goodies. With the gift packs in tow, Robert suggested that we all search the show separately and meet up at 4:00pm to discuss our favorite booths.

Here are some of my favorites:

Ink + Wit
photo courtesy Ink+Wit

Those orange elephants are so nice and who doesn't love this imagery.

(correspondence for the vagabond heart)

My favorites are:

Lisa's Little Birthday Book

You and Me card

I'm obviously partial to sketches of furniture (I can't stop sketching them on my cards).

2009 Wall Calendar
photos courtesy goodonpaper.com

Perfect holiday gift!

Lisa from Good on Paper was such a kind hostess, showing off her lovely creations with the enthusiasm of someone who hadn't just been doing this for 3 days straight. She was just so kind and we thought she was one of the best in show.

Angela Liguori
She wasn't in when I stooped by her booth, but her sweet boothmate was good enough to give me small samples of this gorgeous woven ribbon.

photos courtesy of papercupdesign.com

From Brooklyn - my favorites are the Silo Girls (especially the girl with the mantilla) and the totally cool Travel cards and Travel Journal

Fugu Fugu Press
photo courtesy fugufugupress.blogspot.com

The wife and husband team (there were quite a few at the show!) of Shino + Ken. Their designs are so heartfelt and sweet. Bowne & Co. will carry a selection of their cards in the future. They letterpress and design together - the results are fantastic!

photo courtesy Sub-Studio.com

Anna at Sub-Studio was another engaging and wonderful host. She took me though her collection - there were products that I'd seen online and been very curious about - let's say they are much more interesting in person. I love the metallic tint on the Hinge cards.

custom address labels.

getting a jump start on the holiday - thanksgiving place cards.
photos courtesy picapress.com

Make sure your Flash is updated and check out the well-designed Pica Press site. The ladies of Pica (Anna, Elisa and Susanne) were our favorites en masse! Anna and Elisa greeted Jennifer and myself - they gave us a really good tour thorough their product line (including an item that won't be released for a while, but had us totally salivating - oh yeah, this product will make you happy too). At the Supply Side, we bumped into them with Susanne, the captain of the Pica Press ship. They were so charming and kind and they gave us these fantastic Brooklyn Bridge bags. Wow - a gift for us?! Later in the week they came to Bowne & Co. to visit the shop! I wasn't in yet, but Robert was so happy to see the lovely ladies of Pica Press. You can see pictures on Suzanne's blog: www.doggedlydetermined.blogspot.com

Feliz Navidad letterpressed card

La Virgen Letterpressed

Fancy Luchador Calendar
photos courtesy Hammerpress.net

We met them twice - once in the middle of the day and they were peppy and full of good conversation. The second time was right at the end of the day and they were definitely in need of a cocktail or a disco nap. The men of Hammerpress were very nice and I loved their designs. Not all their designs are Mexi-centric - I just loved these the most! Finally a card I can send all my in-laws and friends.

Okay, once in a while you see something that is undeniably great. Molly Meng of 8mmideas wasn't in her booth during my first visit, but her very kind sister Kaari showed me the product. I was so excited to show her cards to Robert (collagists unite was what I was thinking)! Of course, they've known each other for quite some time. Robert already thought Molly was best in show - so we were in agreement. I was very happy to be part of the connection and guess what? After skimming through Molly's blog, I realize that she's also friends with Kelly Christy - the ├╝ber-talented millener (previously from Elizabeth Street, but now on Spring Street in Soho). Small small world - thank goodness!

photos courtesy 8mmideas.com

PS - We also visited the EK Success booth to peruse the Martha Stewart Craft Collection. Very cool was seeing two shots that I styled on the signage. A few tools from the Crafting Collection will be on sale at Bowne & Co. this summer.


Kelly said...

Wow. Some great pics from the show. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


baba's second design said...

Thanks so much Kelly - the websites for these vendors are fantastic. Your blog is really interesting!