Tuesday, May 20, 2008

nss to the tss to the... (national stationery show)

Today I'm going to the National Stationery Show! You don't know how amazing this is for me!!! I've wanted to attend for the past 2 years and I'm finally going!

The National Stationery Show (NSS) is the biggest stationery event in North America; with over 1,300 exhibitors the NSS's products range from social stationery to cards, scrapbooking (Aimée, I'm thinking of you). There are some amazing wrapups and ideas for booths to visit on some of my favorite blogs:

Has the most comprehensive posts about which booths to visit.

Oh Joy!
She is actually there with her Nantaka Joy line in the Mixed Co. booth and celebrated her birthday in her booth.

Also a list of booths to visit. I added a few to my list.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Well imagine my surprise when I showed up this week for my volunteer shift at the Letterpress shop and the amazing Robert Warner had a present for me - my own cards for Bowne & Co. Beautiful letterpressed cards with my name on them for the NSS!! Wow. He also offered me a part-time position at the shop. I thought I would faint, honestly. That made me sooooo very happy. Woo Hoo!

The Supply Side is the more secretive part of the Stationery Show. It is "an annual exhibition for suppliers to the social stationery, giftware and graphic arts industries). That'll be really good! The Accucut crew will be there also with their hand operated die cutting machines.

Wrapping It Up
The past few days have been really good - the whole Florida trip was really draining. Seeing most of the family was incredible and so uplifting, but there were a few elements and one family member that made the trip very difficult. Thankfully, I'm heading back on track and feeling like myself again. My sister is leaving NY (sigh), but we spent a lot of time together and that was really what I needed.

Yesterday, she stopped by the studio where we were finishing up the Martha Stewart shoot for Kmart Christmas (it looks sooo good as usual) and we realized that last year when she was in town she picked me up from the same shoot. I have loved working as a freelance stylist for Martha Stewart. The style department is really talented and quite generous. It's a small group but they are able to move mountains. I am honored to have worked for them as much as I have.

Yesterday's shoot was so inspiring and coupled with my time at Bowne, I am so grateful for my life and excited for my future. Also, I finally sent out a thank you to one of my closest friends Lynda, who sent a present for my father while I was in FL. That meant more to me than almost any gift I've ever received. Then last week, Sandi and I took her daughter for ice cream (mmmm...pralines and cream) - that was fun! I am so happy to have such incredible friends.

Till after the show!


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